Yale Cleaners Plus

Introducing Yale Cleaners Plus!

Membership Includes:

  • Auto Billing

  • Auto 20% Discount

  • On My Way

  • Exclusive Offers, Rewards and Services.

  • FREE to join!

On My Way

Yale Cleaners Plus is now even better with our new feature, On My Way. Using this service, you can pick up your clothes in less than 60 seconds. Simply use the Yale Cleaners App to alert our team you are in route to pick up your dry cleaning. It’s as simple as 1 - 2 - 3!

1. Select On My Way in the Yale Cleaners app.

+ Our staff will gather your order before you arrive.

2. Pick up your order using the dedicated drive-thru lane.

+ Takes less than 30 seconds and never leave your car.

3. Look awesome in your fresh, clean, and pressed clothes.