Start a Drive

Is your school, church, business or organization planning a Coats for Kids drive? Welcome to the team! Below is a complete list of how to plan, promote, and organize a successful campaign.

1. E-mail the details and dates of your coat drive to Your group will be reponsible to promote, collect, and deliver all donations to your closest Yale cleaners' location. (if transportation is a problem, contact Yale to schedule a pick up.)

2. First download and print Yale's Coats for Kids poster. You should then add your group's name and collections dates to theses signs. Then post signs in prominent locations for maximum visibility. Get kids involved by having them make custom marketing posters. Also, use social media to promote your coat drive.

3. Collect coat donations in one central location. Please check all pockets and remove any items left behind. Bag coats in 55 gallon trash bags for easy storage and transportation. (Money donated or found in pockets should be kept in a safe place and given to First Baptist Tulsa.)

4. Share! We would love to see pictures or video stories about the people involved in helping us with our Coats for Kids program . You can also post to our facebook page ( or twitter (#YaleCleaners). Yale will coordinate with The News on 6 for special news coverage when available.

5. Report. Please send an e-mail back to with the results of your successful coat drive. You could be featured on The News on 6 or on our web site.

Thank you for your generous time and support.