How much?!? The cost of Dry Cleaning

Posted by: John Rothrock
Posted: Oct 13, 2015

Have you ever noticed that most dry cleaners in our area don't advertise prices? You can't find prices anywhere, I know because I've looked. They aren't posted on the walls of the store, on marquee signs out in front or even on their websites.

Do you wonder why?

Well, this practice can be traced all the way back to "The Oklahoma Dry Cleaning Act of 1945". This law established the State Dry Cleaning Board which had the power and authority to set prices. The act also included a provision that prohibited advertising the price of dry cleaning and offering discounts or coupons. Now, I know a law like that seems completely un-American, but it even survived a State Supreme Court challenge.

So what led to the law's demise?

My Grandfather, James Stevenson, and two of his colleagues wanted to do things differently. For almost 2 years, they relentlessly lobbied the state legislature asking for the law to be repealed. After countless phone calls and numerous trips up the turnpike on July 1, 1985, the act was cleaned from the books.

Immediately, Yale Cleaners began offering great money saving coupons to our customers. People responded to this change and rewarded us with more of their business. Unfortunately, since that time, dry cleaners still refuse to advertise their prices. In my opinion, this practice keeps customers in the dark and doesn't seem honest. So, Yale has decided to be different by posting our prices to our website. A few quick clicks and you'll see our prices clearly posted on each location's page.

Another thing I hear far too often is the misconception that Yale is the most expensive dry cleaners in town. This could not be further from the truth. We have invested heavily in computer technology, equipment and training to keep costs down. In fact, we have only had two small price increases in the past five years. Not many companies or industries can make that claim.

In a recent survey of dry cleaning prices across the Tulsa area, I found Yale Cleaners had the best price for most items. Factor in our great money saving coupons, award winning service, and Yale Cleaners is by far the best value for professional garment care.

Posted below is the current market price of the most frequently cleaned items in your wardrobe. Check it out so you will be better informed on your next trip to the cleaners.

  Yale Brand 1 Brand 2 Brand 3
Laundered Shirt $2.55 $2.79 $2.69 $3.25
Sport Coat $6.05 $6.89 $6.99 $6.25
Pants $6.05 $6.48 $6.99 $6.25
Sport Shirt $3.80 $5.76 $4.50 $5.00
Dress $11.70 $12.14 $12.99 $10.50 - 12.50
Blouse $6.05 $6.89 $6.99 $5.99
Same Day Service YES Yes Yes On Request
Drop Off Cutoff Noon 9AM 10AM 8:15AM
Ready By 5PM 5PM 3PM 5PM
Saturday Service YES No Limited No
Coupons YES Limited Yes No
Price Comparisons October 7, 2015


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