Yale Cleaners offers first in the nation same-day, on-demand dry cleaning delivery

Posted by: Kayte Spillman
Posted: Mar 08, 2021
Same Day Delivery

Let’s face it: When looking at our errand list, we’re really great at dropping off our laundry to the cleaners. But, after a hectic day with even more left to do, it seems harder to carve out time to make it back by the cleaners to pick it up.

We hear youYale Cleaners now offers same-day, on-demand delivery of items dropped off at any of our 11 Green Country locations. Simply swing your clothes by anytime before noon, and you can have them delivered to any location within 30 miles that same day. Or, you can schedule them for delivery the next day too. It’s like DoorDash, but for your dry cleaning.

Need a dress cleaned for an evening event? We can deliver to your office, so you don’t even have to go home. 

Have elderly parents who are staying home? Drop off for them, and we’ll provide contactless delivery to their doorstep. 

Can’t make it to us after work because of soccer practice and piano lessons? We’ll bring it to you by the time you’re home and prepping dinner. 

“We are always looking for ways to innovate or find better ways to serve our customers,” said John Rothrock, Yale Cleaners President and CEO. “Our customers have changing needs, and we want to be responsive to those. We want to offer alternatives to our customers to meet their needs in the best way possible.”

How to sign up for delivery 
To schedule delivery, enroll for free as a Yale Plus Member, then schedule delivery using the Yale Cleaners app. You’ll automatically get 20% off your dry cleaning, and your first delivery is free. 

“This service is completely flexible,” Rothrock said. “You can schedule your delivery to any location you’d like, and pick a delivery window that works best for you. It’s completely customizable to meet your needs.”

Don’t worry if your schedule changes either, because you can cancel your delivery request at no cost until a driver has been assigned.  Use our delivery service on every order, or only when you can’t make it back to the store, it’s entirely up to you.  

Rothrock said the pandemic was a catalyst to add this service, but it’s also an example of the Yale Cleaners company culture to continually add services. From adding covered, drive-through and same-day service in the 80s to the On My Way contactless pickup option in recent years, Yale Cleaners continually looks for ways to improve the customer experience.

“Seeing the rapid growth of delivery services and delivery options in other industries, I knew our customers needed delivery too.  But any delivery service Yale offered had to include our same-day service promise,” Rothrock said.  “It was also important to offer our customers a safe and secure delivery service.  With Yale’s on-demand delivery, your clothes are no longer left alone on the front porch to be stolen or subject to bad weather.” 

“We started working on this new service before the pandemic. And when the pandemic happened, it just added fuel to the fire to offer even more contactless options for our customers.”

Same-day, on-demand delivery is available now. Drop off and then schedule your first delivery -- and mark one more thing off your to-do list. 

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