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Posted by: John Rothrock, CGCP
Posted: Jan 08, 2018
Yale Cleaners (91st & Elm) first Car Hop opened in 1981

Did you know Yale Cleaners debuted Oklahoma's first Car Hop Service in 1981?

When my grandpa Jim and father Bill came up with the idea, no one had ever heard of the concept. In fact, grandpa asked Dad, "What are we going to call it?" Dad stated, "Car Hop Service" after the 50's style waiter or waitress that brought fast food to people in their cars at drive-in restaurants. The two quickly went to work building their dream. In August of 1981, Yale Cleaners opened our first Car Hop in Broken Arrow.

Instantly, they knew they had a huge hit. Customer's cars filled the Car Hop, backing up all the way to the street. Everyone loved the convenience of the new service! No longer did parents with kids have to get out of the car to drop-off or pick-up clothes. Plus, the canopy protected you and your clothes from inclement weather or the scorching heat.

The Car Hop concept was so popular, Yale Cleaners began to add them to every location. A second lane was added to accommodate more cars. The lanes were widened to make the process easier for customers and employees. Yale also developed systems to serve customers faster and more efficiently.

91st Yale Car Hop
Yale Cleaners (91st & Yale) with double lane covered Car Hop

Today, Yale Cleaners has a double lane covered Car Hop at eleven of our twelve locations. The canopy is brightly lit for safety and so customers and employees can better see their clothing. Our staff promptly greets you at your car, ready to address all of your dry cleaning needs. Many times, greeting you by name.

Yale's convenient Car Hop service is just one of the many ways we do dry cleaning differently. Bring us your clothes today, we value the opportunity to become your family's dry cleaner.

JRothJohn Rothrock, CGCP
John Rothrock is the President and CEO of Yale Cleaners, a local family business focused on providing high quality, same day dry cleaning with exceptional customer service. He earned a degree in Business Administration in 2005 from The University of Oklahoma. John is a graduate of the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute and is a Certified Professional Drycleaner (CPD), Certified Professional Wetcleaner (CPW), and a Certified Environmental Drycleaner (CED). Having all three of these certifications makes him a Certified Garment Care Professional (CGCP), a distinction held by few people in the dry cleaning industry.

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