Mark The Spot with Special Care

Posted by: John Rothrock
Posted: Apr 29, 2015

Yale Cleaners has a one of a kind iPhone and Android App with features available nowhere else in our industry.  Over 20,000 Tulsans have downloaded our app and utilize it almost every day. Special Care is the most unique tool in the app that some customers cannot live without. 

The Special Care service allows customers to identify stains, missing buttons and/or other one-time handling instructions for clothing items that are labeled with a Yale Cleaners’ bar code.  Customers simply open the app and scan a garment’s bar code.  The app then prompts the user to explain the request by answering 2 simple questions or typing a short note.  Next, simply bring the garment to one of our stores to be cleaned.  At the time of drop-off, there is no need to explain your special request, because it has already been logged into our computer system.

When our staff scans the item’s bar code to create your order, the computer system will alert them to your special need.  The item is then flagged so the production staff can fulfill your request. 

Watch this short video with step-by step instructions so you will be prepared the next time you have a garment with a specific need.  Special Care is only available from; “the guys in the white hat.”


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