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ale Cleaners

Keeping Tulsa a Cleaner Place Since 1944

A Legacy of Quality and Care. Discover the storied history of Tulsa's best dry cleaning service, blending exceptional service and a commitment to customer satisfaction through convenience, speed, and dependability.


Founded by Jim Hodges, a retired school administrator, Yale Cleaners emerged in 1944 with a vision to revolutionize dry cleaning in Tulsa. Known for his marketing prowess and unwavering commitment to quality, Hodges grew the company from a single location to four, becoming the go-to choice for customers seeking excellence. With its first store on historic Route 66, Yale Cleaners quickly gained a reputation as the "key to cleanliness," drawing inspiration from the renowned Yale Lock company.


In 1959, a new chapter began as James Stevenson and Barney Bebout acquired Yale Cleaners. Through the '60s, they propelled the company forward, expanding its reach to 22 locations and offering an array of services, from alterations to drape cleaning. However, the industry faced challenges during the energy crisis and the polyester fabric era. Despite these hurdles, Yale Cleaners demonstrated resilience, adapting to changing customer preferences while maintaining a strong presence in the market.


In the late '70s, Yale Cleaners underwent a transformative period. With the retirement of Barney Bebout and the merger with Rhodes Cleaners, Jerry Stevenson and Bill Rothrock Jr. joined the team, determined to reclaim their market leadership. They rebranded with a distinctive white cowboy hat logo, embodying their commitment to exceptional service as the "guys in the white hat." Innovating to meet evolving customer needs, Yale introduced neighborhood dry cleaning plants and unveiled their renowned same-day service promise: "In by 12, out by 5." Their dedication extended beyond business as they launched Giles Coats for Kids, a philanthropic initiative touching countless lives.


In the new millennium, Yale Cleaners embraced PLC technology, automating their dry cleaning presses and implementing barcode systems for enhanced efficiency and quality. They also prioritized sustainability, transitioning to eco-friendly organic petroleum solvents and wet cleaning options. With their commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction, Yale Cleaners continued to expand their presence in the community by opening new locations in Midtown Tulsa and East Broken Arrow.


Under the leadership of John Rothrock, the fourth generation stepped forward, steering Yale Cleaners into the future. Introducing Yale Cleaners Plus, the company revolutionized the customer experience, offering automatic discounts, secure payments, and innovative services like “On My Way” and Dash Delivery through the Yale Cleaners app. Enduring the challenges of the pandemic, Yale Cleaners remains committed to community involvement through initiatives like Coats for Kids and the establishment of Jenks CarePoint, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of others.

Through the seasons of time, Yale Cleaners has evolved, adapted, and innovated while staying true to its core values. Today, with a dedicated focus on customer satisfaction, quality, and convenience, Yale Cleaners continues to be Tulsa's most beloved and trusted dry cleaners, serving the community with care and excellence.