Tips for getting your closet ORGANIZED and de-cluttered in 2015

Posted:Fri Feb 6, 2015
Posted By:Deanna Fulghum

The new year is off and running and resolutions are in place so now is the time to de-clutter and organize your closet.  Here are a few tips to help get you started:

Before you begin to organize your closet this year, consider donating items you have not worn in years. Consider letting go of that special sweater you paid way too much for 10 years ago, or the faded pair of jeans you wore to that awesome Beach Boys concert. Items that show too much wear or noticeable stains need to be tossed or turned into useful household rags.  Hold onto clothing that flatters your body or that you feel good about wearing.  Only hang up those items that are ready to wear and fit your current body size.  If you insist on keeping clothes that will fit after you succeed with your New Years Resolution of loosing 20 lbs., than store them in containers.  Celebrate later by shopping in your stored container and replace the stored items with the “too big” clothes hanging in your closet.

Ask yourself, "What do I wear on a day to day basis?” If you work from home and your morning consists of slipping on a sweatshirt and jeans, consider organizing these items at eye level where they are accessible.  Store some of the suits or evening dresses in a guest room closet so they do not take up space for the items you wear the most.  If you wear a uniform each day to work, keep these at a convenient location in your closet. If you dress up each day than you probably don’t need a plethora of jeans in your closet.  Keep a few of your favorite pairs and fold the others and put up high in your closet.  A small stepstool underneath hanging clothes is a lifesaver to get to the stored items up above.  Always keep the classic pieces hanging in your closet.  A few blazers, black or nude heels, black pants and white button down shirts can go with just about anything.

Once you have sorted through your wardrobe and decided what to keep, try piecing outfits together and hanging them side by side. Use the right hangers. Structured coats or suits that aren’t on wide hangers may become damaged over time. Dress pants can get creased if you opt not to use pant hangers. Try to organize like colors together so you know exactly where that favorite black shirt is. Professional Closet Organizers recommend switching all hangers in your closet backward at the beginning of the year.  As you wear your clothing items over the next few months, hang them normally.  You will be able to see which items you wear regularly.  If it is not a seasonal item and has not been worn over the past several months then maybe it is time to donate it.  By doing this, your closet will remain organized with items that are of the most use to you!

If you live in an uncertain climate and it can be 70 degrees one day and snowing the next, like here in Oklahoma, consider hanging rain jackets, light coats and winter coats in your hall closet.  Coats can be bulky and take up quality closet space.  When you are having guests over, you can always move your items from the hall closet to your closet for the evening to make room for guest coats.

The average closet is cluttered with shoes.  Unless shelves are available to display shoes, they are usually placed on the closet floor and can get mismatched and scattered onto the walking area.  Keep the everyday shoes at a convenient location and consider storing less worn shoes up high in your closet.  If you choose to put them in their original box, write the shoe description on the box or better yet, take a picture of the shoes and attach to the box. This will save time when you are looking for a certain pair.  Another great solution to shoe clutter is to purchases a shoe organizer that hangs on the back of a door or one that hangs on a closet rod.  This is a great way to keep shoes clean and off the floor.  Store seasonal boots/shoes up high so they are not taking valuable space during months they are not being worn.

A closet is usually the first thing you see in the morning.  A clean organized closet with easy access to the items you wear the most can get you off to a great start and save valuable time.  Use these tips to organize other closets in your home and notice the added space and storage you will gain.  A clean organized home makes for a less stressful life.  Good luck organizing in 2015!

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