Livin’ On Tulsa Time - An outsider’s View of Yale Cleaners…

Posted:Wed Dec 31, 2014
Posted By:Deanna Fulghum

I moved to Tulsa at the beginning of the summer. I spent the summer getting used to the new environment and becoming aware of all that Tulsa has to offer. As I pushed through the challenge of finding the locations of my favorite stores, I noticed the many Yale Cleaners around the city. It seemed no matter where I ventured, I would catch site of a different Yale Cleaners. I thought to myself how attractive and inviting these specific cleaners looked, with the huge drive-thru lanes, and their beautifully landscaped grounds. "I am going to use Yale Cleaners," I thought to myself.

At the end of summer I began to look for employment. During my search I noticed an ad for Office Help at the corporate office of Yale Cleaners. I remembered the feeling I felt driving by those stores and after researching the organization, I thought that this would be a good fit. I have been employed with Yale Cleaners for several months now and have found it to be so much more than the average dry cleaner. The attractive drive through is not only inviting, but also very efficient. It is an in-car valet service and offers a fast, friendly, and convenient experience

The last few months I have had my eyes opened to the dry cleaning business. I have worked in the stores and experienced the fast paced atmosphere and the dos and don'ts of successful dry cleaning. I have been impressed with the innovative standards of Yale Cleaners. Not only are customers offered the luxury of staying comfortable in their cars but are also offered many amenities through the Yale App on their smart phones. I was amazed at how many customers used their phones for coupons, pick up information, garment stain placement reporting, and special announcements. As if all of this was not enough, Yale Cleaners offers customers same day service, in by 12:00p.m. out by 5:00p.m.

The employees that work in the 12 locations are hard workers. I was physically drained by the end of the day while working alongside the store employees. They take pride in making sure that each customer's special instructions are handled with care. Need your shirts folded, pants creased, jeans heavy starched, and shirts medium starched? No problem! Yale Cleaners offers professional garment care the way you want it. If you are a long time customer you will probably be greeted by name as you come through the door or at the drive-thru. If you are fairly new to the services of Yale, give them time and you too will soon be greeted personally. The employees are friendly and truly enjoy their customers.

It has been a great few months learning about this unique company. Take it from an outsider, Tulsa is lucky to have Yale Cleaners and their great concept of quality service with convenience and friendliness.

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